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memoirs of a strange little girl: a tale of loss, grief, and abuse
"I really, really like this. . . saw this and got stuck in! I love the style of it, I found myself reading it quite quickly, wanting to read on. Fascinating, colourful characters and you seem to have introduced a number of them effortlessly in quite a short space of time." -- KS
My name means princess, but mother didn't name me after a princess. She named me after a sad-eyed lady--Bob Dylan's "Sara," his estranged wife, his "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands," a song of loss and bittersweet memory. I don't want to say that the song set the tune for my life, with Gypsy violin and harmonica--instruments that cry--because it didn't. It gave me solace, a sad music place where I felt at home.

I wrote my memoirs after my father died as a way of accepting and releasing my childhood, letting go of notions of ruinedness. My story was abusive and chaotic, framed by my father's death, and told through a lens of grief. However, it's not an altogether unhappy story.

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"I've read many, many memoirs, and this one is my favorite. It's written beautifully, in a fresh and interesting style. I read it in one day because I just couldn't put it down. Yes, it is disturbing and graphic at times, but her storytelling remains rich and beautiful. Wonderful." -- B. Proskiw

"I couldn't help enjoying your read Sara...the voice of a little girl trailing her way through the read......somewhat poetic I thought the manner you wrote stringing my thoughts along with your writing. Rather refreshing and honest too..." -- Romilla

"I couldn't stop reading it. The author is so detailed in her memoir. She pulls you into the story and captivates you. Bravo!! Why haven't you won awards for your work?? A must read for the nonfiction, memoir and biography lover!" -- GinnyLee

"As a long time lover of memoirs, and an author of one myself, I knew I had to add this one to my must read list based on title alone. And I'm glad I did! Everyone has a story, but its HOW you tell that story that sets you apart from the herd, and Sara has found a fresh new way to do just that. Her short, to the point quips get the point across and sets the scene perfectly for what she is trying to convey in each phase of her life. I enjoyed seeing her thoughts become more detailed as she aged, just as a child would see the world versus an adult. Brilliant! She has taken the subject of abuse and put a fresh spin on it as she guides us through her hippie based childhood with her free thinking mother and the many men who impacted her life, sadly, most in a negative way. I especially liked the part near the end where she loses the man she thought of as 'dad', as I was reading that particular chapter on the way home from my own father's funeral, so she got a few tears out of me on that part! A well written, engaging read that I would definitely recommend adding to YOUR must read list!"-- HIPCHICK

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